Dog Grooming Aurora Colorado

Broadview Grooming is a small grooming shop staffed with full time experienced dog groomers and cat groomers. We absolutely love your dogs and cats here and treat them with the utmost care. Unlike other shops we groom hard to handle dogs and cats.


We groom from puppies and kittens to geriatric animals. Regular pet grooming for your dog or cat plays an important part of keeping your pet healthy. Our experienced groomers may be able to spot indications that your pet needs to be seen by his/her veterinarian that weren’t noticed at home.


Our groomers are great at everything from show grooms on a standard poodle to your basic shave downs. And, our prices are very reasonable.


Since we have a large boarding kennel, our groomers also have experience with a variety of breeds and cross breeds. All of our dogs are fluffed dried. Our groomers and bathers work as a team to have your pet groomed in a timely manner with good quality work.


Be sure to ask about Broadview Kennel’s SPECIAL BOARDING AND GROOMING DISCOUNT for dogs and cats staying in our Boarding Facility so your pet can be bathed/groomed before going home if you choose. 


Our vet at Broadview Animal Clinic advises us that their insurance will no longer allow them to let sedated animals leave their facility.  They have no space there for us to groom animals.  For this reason, we can no longer offer to groom animals that require sedation after arrival for grooming here.  We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.  PLEASE KNOW THAT we will still groom animals requiring sedation; however you would need to talk with your vet to determine if your vet is willing to sedate  and allow you to bring your sedated pet to us.
Surprisingly -- many cats are not happy at the prospect of a spa day.  For those of you who have cats who are amicable to being groomed, bathed, nails done and/or hair cuts ... we are happy to make a grooming appointment with you.  If the cat is agreeable to being groomed, we will do the groom you request.  However, if kitty becomes a threat to himself or others during grooming, we will need to work with you to make other grooming arrangements.
If your cat is badly matted, it really is in your pet's best interests to talk with your vet about sedation as the grooming process for those kitties is considerably more difficult for both cat and groomer if kittie is awake.
Again, we do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


Our pricing is unique to breed, size of dog and needs. Please call us and we would be glad to give you an estimate and schedule your pets grooming today.