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Dog Training Pros and Cons!

Dog Training Pros and Cons Colorado

When training your dog there are a few key things you will need to know. Now on a regular basis I would tell you to come on down and let us evaluate your dog. However, not this time. I am going to give you an inside scoop on the do’s and dont’s of training.


1-Always make sure your equipment is in serviceable order and used correctly.

2-Remember, it is good to confine your dog for about one hour prior to his/her training.

3-Keep your dog on a 6-20 foot leash when you are with him to develop an obedient attitude.

4-Treats should be small and semi-soft.

5-Your leashes are used to direct your dog as well as to correct them.

6-All training should be done with a positive attitude.

7-Only use your dogs name to get his/her attention.

8-Sometimes if you touch your dog while giving him a command, it will distract him/her.

9-Do not give your dog a command unless, you are prepared to follow through with making him/her react to the command properly.

10-Make sure you have your dogs attention before giving any command.


These are just half of our helpful hints here at Broadview Kennels, Grooming, and Training. For more information please feel free to give us a call at 303-755-0471!

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